Colin’s ’34

After Colin sold his 47 Ford sedan we knew it wouldn’t be long before he missed driving a hot rod. He decided a Model 40 Sedan was right for him and after talking with Tim Reigel @ Redneck Street Rods we bought a body package on a rolling Pete and Jake’s chassis with all the chrome and stainless parts on it. These bodies are second to none in quality and was a pleasure to build. GMPerformance supplied the LS3 and a Keisler A41 automatic will turn the driveshaft. A Walker radiator and Cooling Components fan will cool it and a FrameUp fabbed stainless exhaust will send the hydrocarbons out the back. Dayton wire wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich rubber will stick it to the road. Nostalgic Auto Body mixed up a custom Root Beer Metallic and Vintage Stitch will wrap the Glide seat and trim out the rest of the Vintage Air cooled interior.

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