Rich’s ’69 Camaro

69 Camaro at autocross

Rich owns a handful of really nice stock 69 Camaros including a real Yenko and a low mileage Z28 but he wanted to actually drive one of them…..hard.

He found this 69 and thought it would be a perfect foundation for a pro-touring transformation. We started with a complete disassembly under the car and added a powder coated front subframe from Detroit Speed as well as their QuadraLink and minitubs to get some rubber under the back. A new 9″ rear end was assembled using a Strange center section with a 35 spline S Trac differential. That spins a set of custom Dutchman axles through to a GMR full floating hub setup. Wilwood 14″ rotors are used front and rear with W6 and W4 radial-mount calipers. We fabbed 3″ stainless exhaust from the mufflers back and reused the existing head pipes.

While Rich was getting his feet wet with the existing small block and five speed we were looking towards the future when we swapped an LS engine and 6 speed. II Much Fabrication supplied us with a pair of their trick fuel tank vents and they keep fumes and fluids from the rear end and Rock Valley tank off of the ground. The 18×10 and 18×12 wheels are from Forgeline and BFGoodrich supplied us with the tires in 335 and 275 sizes. The first outing for the car was a 2-day SCCA autocross in Milwaukee and the weekend after that we went to GingerMan for the MotorState Challenge where Rich finished in the top 3rd of the field in a brand new car that is 200 horsepower short of running with the big boys. We went back and fixed that!

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